Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rights of the Individual

The American Constitution guarantees the rights of the individual but not to the point that select individuals can destroy the lives of entire segments of the society. You see, they are guaranteed rights too. The founding fathers were pompous white farmers, and they were brilliant men. Like most brilliant men they realized that they would make mistakes and not foresee all states of affairs . There lies the brilliance in our Constitution; its flexibility to adapt to changing realities. Anyone with a smathering of knowledge of American history could cite the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the 19th Amendment, the draft and the abolition of slavery as examples of change.

The housing boom in this country was a result of deception and bad economics. The wealth that was created was not real and is being "paid back" today by the American people. And the jobs that were created during this time of "irrational exuberance" are gone forever. A few individuals did make a lot of money. But at what price? It is no wonder that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, creators of real wealth, jobs and prosperity supported Obama.

I truly hope it is not the case, however it is possible that America may not recover quickly from the damage done during the Bush years. But it is certain that if we continue down the same path that got us into this mess, America, as it was conceived by the founding fathers, and as we know it, is doomed.

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