Monday, February 28, 2011

Job-Killing Republican Party

The agenda of the Republican Party is designed to kill jobs for Americans, destroy the middle class, and turn America into a country that is remarkably similar to the countries the Puritans and Pilgrims and others left to form America. I'll say it again. The Republican agenda and vision for our country is to turn America into a country that is like, only to a greater degree, the one our founding fathers left to found America.

Put simply, the Pilgrims and Puritans left England, and others left their respective countries and settled in America, for three basic reasons. They sought religious freedom. They sought just and equal laws and social equality. And they sought economic opportunity.

The Republican Party, at least the most vocal elements, are advocating Fundamentalist Christianity as the only acceptable religion for true Americans. Recent statements by Alabama's governor attest to this prevailing sentiment among most Republicans.

Just and equal laws and social equality for all Americans is all but gone. Recent revelations about 2 members of the supreme court being seduced by the far right element illustrate that we no longer have "freedom and justice for all." And Republican media is calling democracy an undesirable thing and likening it to "mob rule".

Finally, Republican economic policies are not designed to create jobs or do anything positive for America, the country; but simple further the concentration of  wealth in the hands of the few so they become the arbiters of what religion is acceptable for America, and what constitutes freedom and justice for the citizens.

One motivating factor in the settlement and creation of America was the system of  primogeniture, a system where the right of inheritance belonged exclusively to the eldest son. America was settled by many second and third sons. The implementation of Republican economic theory has and will continue to make it virtually impossible for anyone that is not already wealthy to do anything but live as a wage slave. And no matter how much more their taxes are cut and regulations governing their behavior are aborted, jobs will still be exported to countries where workers are virtually slaves.

This grand republic of the New Republicans will be ruled, not by philosopher kings, but rather by financial aristocrats. There will be a small class of professionals serving these demigods, primarily physicians and lawyers. And the vast majority of Americans, who will have lost their right to vote at some point, will be working three jobs just to put food on the table. That is, the lucky ones.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Right to Work

The "Right to Work" is a misnomer. In Right to Work states, the joke is, "You have the right to work and they have the right not to pay you."

All right-wing assaults on workers and the unemployed will bring about further deterioration of our economy and create a country of wage slaves. By granting more tax breaks for the wealthy and reducing regulation, without clearly defined legal stipulations, a class of wage slaves will be created in America.

The vast majority of Americans are workers and people that live week to week. By spending their entire income to meet their basic needs, they maintain our fragile economy. Redistributing more wealth from the bottom tiers to the top tiers, will have catastrophic effects on our country.

Arthur Laffer's economic theories (I think there is a pun somewhere), produced horrible repercussions when implemented into policy under Reagan and, as a result, Papa Bush had to raise taxes despite the fact that we all read his lips. Baby Bush practiced the same voodoo economics (a phrase that was coined by his father) and lead our beloved country into the worst economic recession since the depression of the 30's. And it may be decades before we recover.

"Third time's a charm?" Who in their right mind can believe honestly that it will work this time. Are Americans that stupid? Maybe if Beck puts on his ruby slippers, and taps his toes together three times, and says, "There's no place like America under Calvin Coolidge(1923-1929)", all this will go away.