Sunday, September 22, 2013

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is an exceptionally good drama on television that documents the psychological transformation of an inherently good man into a man that is evil. The protagonist, Walter, is a chemistry teacher who is devoted to teaching and his family. We learn in later episodes that, out of college, he sold his shares in a business venture that would have made him a wealthy man. Early in the series, when he is diagnosed with cancer, and struggling to pay his bills, and with poor health insurance, he embarks on a mission to produce the very best crystal methedrine available on the planet, in order to provide for his family. And he does just that, manufacture the best meth, that is.

Along the process, he develops business skills and acumen. Along with his newly learned abilities, he transforms, not so gradually, from a caring competent educator, into a ruthless, selfish, self-centered being, where nothing matters save self- including friends, family, and yes even money. He goes to a much darker place than most of his clients and even his partner. And he continues "cooking" meth long after he has accumulated more money than he could spend in a lifetime. In a way, he's a little like many of the one per-centers in our country today.

One of the greatest problems with the Tea Party Republican Party, is that they really are not for anything, but they are against virtually everything. By the things they advocate against, by their policies and positions, they de facto exhibit a thirst for power, have a low opinion of the average American, and exhibit a fear of intellectual honesty. A year ago, when Tea Party leaders wanted to stop the teaching of political science in colleges, I again almost fell out of my chair. Since beginning this blog I have placed many pillows on my floors.

Donald Trump recently got into trouble over Trump University, no political science there I'm sure. It seems that a lot of promises were implied and the university had very little substance. There is a class action lawsuit. Students did get to pose with a cardboard cutout of Donald. A spokesman for the university stated, "Trump U!".