Friday, September 28, 2012

Romney's 3 Point Economic Plan for America Revealed!

(1) Slash Taxes for the Wealthy and Global Corporations.
(2) Employ Republican Private Sector Vampirism through the privatization of all government programs, to redistribute all tax monies, including and especially those of the middle class and working poor to the super rich and global corporations.
(3) Reduce the vast majority of Americans to wage slaves and serfs.

One goal of the Romney/ Ryan economic plan is to slash taxes for the super rich and global corporation. They make no bones about this. And I believe that most Americans are aware of this fact. I believe that Americans differ on what they perceive to be the ramifications of doing this and the benefits to the American economy as a whole. It comes down to President Clinton's model of expanding from the middle class outward, and the "trickle down" theory employed by W. Bush. One great fallacy of the tinkle down theory is that the redistribution of American wealth into the hands of fewer and fewer will create jobs. In fact, it will stymie economic growth and job creation. And I think that the records of both presidents on job growth and  budget surpluses illustrates this clearly. Clinton produced jobs and a budget surplus. Bush created few jobs and took us to the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression. Remember, Bernanke stated to Bush, that if the government did not act immediately, there would be no economy on Monday morning.

I think there is one major goal of Romney's plan that most Americans are not aware of. And this cognitive perception is ingrained in Romney and comes from his days at Bain Capital. Both Romney and Ryan call for the "privatization" or elimination of virtually all government programs. Their rationalization is that the programs will be more efficient, beneficial, and cost-effective for everyone. The actual goal of doing this is for the rich and powerful to be able to get in between the monies and the beneficiaries, and extrapolate as much as they can, without the interference of pesky regulations. This will drastically reduce the amount the beneficiaries receive all the while furthering the concentration of wealth, enriching their constituents, and further depressing the US economy.

One glaring example of this Republican Private Sector Vampirism, which was corrected by President Obama, is the Federal Guaranteed Student Loan Program. Prior to Obama's action, banks- yes the same ones that we bailed out- acted as intermediaries, middle men, and took hefty profits to administer the loans. The loans represented no risk for the banks because they were still guaranteed by the Fed. Gotta love the free market. This could be construed as welfare for banks, and certainly didn't do anything to improve access to education or the economy as a whole, except to maintain or increase the pay of the Board of Directors and the CEO's of the banks. And now were back to the trickle down theory.

I am not an exceptionally smart fellow. So it should be clear to most Americans that Romney, Ryan and the vampires are salivating like Pavlov's dog at the thought of getting their hands on Social Security and Medicare. And then it goes back to Bain and cognitive perception and values.

One caveat: The argument I am proposing is further supported by the Republican attacks on teachers, firefighters, and policemen, as well as the failure of  Republicans to support the US Postal Services. Cutting basic services for the vast majority of American citizens, including the elderly, students, the disabled and veterans, will create a slow chaos and make it easier for the new Caesars to fulfill their agenda and take the rest of us into the Dark Ages.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Do Republicans View the US Military as Entitled Slackers?

Republicans, in general, view non-strategic, non-diplomatic solutions (Force) as the way to address most situations in international affairs. However, the men and women they employ- and I use the word employ loosely- appear to be viewed as "entitled" once they have carried out the operation. Recently Senate Republicans blocked legislation designed to help veterans find work in their communities. I find this to be shocking and shameful. I guess we don't have to worry about a privatized army modeled after the Blackwater experiment during the Bush administration. Patriotic or disenfranchised Americans are much more cost effective. And they can be discarded once they have outlived their usefulness.

The worst states for the elderly in America, when considering crime rates and  elderly poverty rates are all states that are controlled by the New Conservative Movement. Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, and Kentucky are all states that are at the top of the list. All these states have an extremely high crime rate, and, at least 10% of the retired population lives below the poverty level. This observation should serve as a preview of where Romney and Ryan will take the rest of the country if they are elected.

Finally, I would like to share a unverified story I heard about American Job Creators. Because of the economic slowdown in China- the place where many of them are invested- they recently applauded stimulus by the Chinese government and are calling for more of the same. It's better Red than moderate for them, I guess.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Will the Election of Mitt Romney Incite Terrorist Attacks and Jeopardize America's Security?

W. Bush essentially took the first 8 months of his presidency off to rest up from his campaign against Al Gore. Intel is now surfacing that points to the fact that the Bush Administration ignored information that the attack on 9/11 was imminent. This is substantiated by the fact that CIA operatives were requesting transfers so as not to be blamed for not providing intel for the attack.

Romney's incompetence and insensitivity to the Real America is illustrated by his comments during the present international crisis that involves both Egypt and Libya. Unlike McCain, gaining power and fulfilling his agenda to empower the financial aristocracy, supersedes American security and the lives of any Real Americans. It is very likely that the election of Mitt Romney and his Neocon administration, comprised primarily of W. Bush folks, will spell doom for America, not only domestically, but in world affairs as well.

It is telling and truly interesting to note that the most "hawkish" policymakers, for the most part, have never served in the military.  Dick Cheney, when asked about military service, replied that he "had better things to do." And, unlike Joe Biden's son, none of Mitt's five boys see service in America's military as having any value.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to a man that perhaps can articulate the truths in this blog, in a more palatable way for some Real Americans who have been bamboozled by the Reactionary Dirty Money Machine. Dave "Mudcat" Saunders, hardly a liberal by any stretch of the imagination, is waging war in Virginia against Eric Cantor and the Reactionary movement.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The American Family: Should We Run Our Country Like a Family Like the Tea Party Advocates?

The Republicans vehemently state that most American families live within their means and that our government should do likewise. A solid notion. But let's examine how an American family operates. One or more of the family members bring in income and it is used to support and meet, at the very least, the basic needs of the entire family and all its members. Even Momma Grizzly would argue that all members of a family should be cared for regardless of physical health or aptitude and that a father should not farm out a child simply because he does not want to have his income taxed. The American family unit is a communal unit. Ah Hah.