Sunday, January 20, 2013

Belonging, A Challenge, & New Economics

One of the reasons I started this blog was to examine why Americans would support a political party, and an ideology that was contrary to their well being. Most healthy human beings need acceptance, a sense of belonging, and a notion that they matter- that is- that their lives have significance. This may explain why the Republican attack on government is so appealing to so many. The self-delusion of Republican Archaism, epitomized by the notion that all the great things about this country, that enable people to live and work so well, were magically created, is bunk. But this notion does reinforce a sense of strength and individualism for many. It has been noted in this blog that Red States, on the whole, receive far more in federal monies, than they pay in federal taxes.

Most human beings, on some level, need a challenge to give some meaning to their existence. For many of America's political leaders throughout history, it has been an enemy that represents a threat to the American way. For a long period of time it was Communism. Today, for the Tea Party, with no great threat lurking on the horizon, it is our own government.

Despite what happened in 2008, many facets of our economy are going along at a frenetic pace, as if the Great Recession never happened. Mergers and acquisitions, not just among the banking institutions, are focused on the quick immediate buck, with no concern for the long term or future consequences. The pricing of goods and services is, more and more, based on a manipulation of supply in order to optimize profits with OPEC being the business model for corporations. The "invisible hand" of Adam Smith has been replaced by a golden fist.