Saturday, June 30, 2012

Out of Touch

Last weekend, a friend of mine came over to my house to help me replace the filament in my water heater. While we were working, Greg said to me that I should vote for Democrats in the next election. Though, in the past, Greg and I have had numerous discussions about the economy and the stock market, we never before discussed politics.

When I asked him why, Greg proceeded to tell me about his mother who is ill and stands to loose her entire net worth- and then some- as a result of the illness. He went on to tell me about his brother who is a Tea Party Republican and instant Christian, in that he downloaded a cross onto his iPhone.

Greg's brother used some of his considerable "disposable" income to buy investment homes. Because of the still marginal state of the American economy, Greg's brother found himself in a position where he was unable to pay his taxes, and had to borrow money to pay them at around 5%. This increased Greg's brother's bitterness towards the Federal Government to the point where he began advocating that poor and lower middle class families "should be put on the street to beg."

Upon hearing of his mother's situation, Greg's brother asked Greg if it was possible to get their mother on some additional government programs so that she is not financially wiped out; and so they would be shielded from any moral or legal obligations.

Fortunately for the rest of us, the price of gasoline has come down for the summer season. I would like to give kudos to President Obama, but I cannot. Contrary to the scholars at Fox News, the president has little control. 75% of the world oil reserves are controlled by OPEC. When Americans decrease their consumption of petroleum, or we increase our domestic production, OPEC adjusts its production to keep the price of gasoline in their favor. Save drastic reductions in consumption, the long term solution lies in the development of alternative fuels, specifically TRI fuels utilizing coal and natural gas.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

"Build, Baby, Build!"

To get America going again, there are some actions that the Federal Government can take. Let's start by rebuilding America's infrastructures. Interest rates are at an all time low. Now is the perfect time to invest in our country.

Let's also hire back laid-off teachers and firefighters. This will put money back in the hands of consumers- the real job creators- and get America going!

As Ron- not Rand- Paul said, let's stay out of international conflicts that don't directly influence our security. No more going to war for the oil companies and global corporations. The real threat to our security is terrorism. And President Obama has created the template to wage war on terror in a sane and cost-effective manner. This should be apparent to everyone that looks at the facts.

Institute the Buffet Rule and tax job-killing hoarders, both corporations and the super rich, and make them pay their fair share.  Let's end corporate welfare and handouts. They don't need it. Also, those that use golden parachutes should be severely penalized.

We Americans must begin to focus on our country and take care of our own. The Obama administration recently instituted tariffs on Chinese steel in order to save American jobs in Ohio. And similar policies should be implemented especially against those wealthy individuals and corporations, that take the money- often taxpayers' money- and run.