Sunday, April 22, 2012

Benedict Arnold and Faith

The Republican Party has not only morphed into a party of charlatans and con men, as Annie Coulter pointed out, but its few cogent thinking members cognitively resemble the greatest anti-hero in American history, Benedict Arnold. Historians will remember that Arnold distinguished himself through actions of bravery and intelligence including the capture of Fort Ticonderoga and essential actions during the Battle of Sarasota. He spent much of his own money on the war effort as an American officer. Ultimately bitterness, money, and the feelings of his wife became more important to him than his patriotism. Arnold decided that his own well being was more important than that of his country's. Ironically, some prominent historians, including Willard Wallace, argue that his contributions were essential for American independence.

Faith without works is dead. A corollary to this statement is that faith without examination or knowledge of the impact and consequences of one's behavior is NOT faith. In actuality it is a rationalization that one's will is the will of God and therefore merely the ramblings of an insane individual or false prophet justifying one or more of the seven deadly sins.

Do Republicans really believe that vouchers will work better than the current Social Security system? Are all the people unemployed really lazy? Do Republicans really believe that climate change is a hoax? Have the major insurance companies- whose actuaries are now "factoring" climate change- gone socialists? Will the oceans take care of themselves, as Limbaugh and others have said? Or is God getting angry?

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are Republicans Right about the Ivory Tower?

Paul Krugman- an economist and an intellectual that I truly admire- wrote a column last December that warned President Obama not to conclude that Republican (specifically Romney's) philosophy, agenda, and behavior all are designed "to reduce middle-class Americans to serfs, force them to accept whatever wages corporations choose to pay no matter how low," and introduce "feudalism."

Since publication in the NY Times, quite a bit has transpired. Republicans on state levels, have attacked, voraciously, unions and voting rights. What is going on in the State of Michigan with the Emergency Powers Act, thought not feudalism, certainly is oligarchic rule.

Krugman, many years ago, stated that the health of the economy depends on the health of local economies. Krugman lives and works in New York City, the financial and intellectual capital of the world. The Tri-State area is the most prosperous area in America. And union rights, voting rights, women's rights; and democracy in general, are not under attack.

Though I often fail to remember, President Obama is black and he came from beginnings that were complex and beyond humble. For Romney to claim that Obama is out-of-touch with with working and middle Americans, is as crazy as everything else the Republicans have been doing and saying. Obama's experience is why he is so exceptional.