Thursday, July 29, 2021

Message from "P": Helter-Skelter

The current Republican party is comprised of opportunists and malcontents who all have hidden agendas that have nothing to do with the principles espoused by the founding fathers, and enumerated in the Constitution. They view democracy as an anathema. Members perturbate the air with insane ramblings and conspiracy theories, designed to confuse, obstruct and cancel. Their ramblings often cancel each other out. Strip mall barrister Sidney Powell, defended herself in court by stating that no reasonable person could possibly believe anything that she said. Then why would anyone believe her? Yet, the deep fryer, bag of Oreos, double-wide crowd holds her every word as gospel.  "Little hands" Marco called Trump a con artist and an embarrassment in 2016. Now "lil' pants" is cozying up to him. What the hell has Rubio done? Does anyone know? For that matter what has Matt Gaetz done except party like a rock star and have sex with underage girls, with the American taxpayer picking' up the tab. He is nothing more than a Trussian version of a hippie, a self-aggrandizing slacker on the dole. Then there is Marjorie Taylor Green, a bull hen that appears to have been constipated for a long time.

The problem with these jackasses is that they are not only mind-numbing but represent a clear and present danger to our democracy and country. Antivaxxers' now believe the conspiracy theory that the government is using implants in vaccines. And variants of covid-19 are spiking in unvaccinated areas. And people are dying. Do these idiots really believe that the government cares about tracking their fat asses to the Piggly Wiggly?  And all this talk about elites. Did anyone see the movie Idiocracy? In the land of the blind the one-eyed man is king. The bar on reality and critical thinking has been so lowered we are at a point were some sloths might be considered elite by these people. 

This lunacy is continuing because it is facilitated by the "elite" political opportunists who use these morons to raise money and further their political agenda. Metaphysically it is a kind of  "Helter-Skelter" world view. It is a fomenting of a civil war that is not so much based on race but rather based on anti-democratic ideology. Implicit and demonstrated by January 6th is the notion that these people are really stupid and incapable of governing or even thinking for themselves. Hence it will be up to the Trussians to rule. Freedom!!! Trump, Cruz, Hawley, Rubio, Gaetz, et al are destined to the fate of Lee Atwater, who on his deathbed had a terrible crisis of conscience.                                                                                                                                       

Thursday, March 4, 2021

"P" Anon: On a Mission from God

"P"Anon is a quasi-theocratic, left-wing, loosely organized network and community of believers who embrace holy political truths. These truth seekers maintain that following the presidency of Lyndon Baines Johnson, Satan infiltrated the Republican Party. Since that time, there has been a dynamic interplay between good and evil within the party.

"P", writing in the sacred scrolls, observes that with each succeeding Republican president, overall policy skewed, more and more, towards autocracy and a financial aristocracy, and away from democracy and equality. Republican policy has increasingly sanctioned a lack of concern for country, the environment, and the quality of life for the average American citizen with each consecutive term.

Though he really was a crook, Nixon did implement a myriad of progressive domestic and environmental policies. Both Reagan and H.W. Bush instituted progressive tax policies during their tenure. And W. Bush, acting as a minimalist, fostered NCLB and AIDS research. "P" recognizes that with the election of Donald Trump, Satan took complete control of the Republican Party and speaks directly through him.

Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris were enlisted to save the American experiment and restore the American values of truth, justice, compassion, equality, liberty, and unity to all American citizens. According to the holy archives, Harris is a descendant of Balthazar, one of the three wise men present at the birth of Jesus.

Though the identity of P. remains a mystery, followers believe he is an aging boomer living in the San Fernando Valley, presumably with a Liberal Arts degree, who is committed to elucidating the obvious truth of a burgeoning international conspiracy to impose autocratic rule and feudalism worldwide. The movement communicates through a hybrid version of COBAL trying to avoid the aura of being clandestine. Supporters identify with P., they do not deify him.

On a somber note, the sacred archives predicted the death of Rush Limbaugh. They document that Sean Hannity broadcasts from his basement, a full 38 miles from Manhattan, due to certain proclivities he shares with Jerry Falwell, Jr., Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone. And the scrolls predict that Donald Trump will run for the presidency in 2024. Only he will run from prison like Eugene Debs did in 1920.