Sunday, April 11, 2010

None Dare Call It Treason

Conservative advocations of late are aimed at fortifying the economic aristocracy and turning  America into a modern version of feudalism. The policies of cutting taxes for the wealthy, plundering the public coffers, and creating huge government debt, without giving significant benefit to society at large; and by doing so reducing the quality of life and chance of economic mobility for the vast majority of American citizens, is akin to an attack on democracy and tantamount to treason.

Let's look at the record. Put simply, Clinton's economic policy, unlike Bush's, sought to restrain government spending, lower budget deficits and open trade with capital infusions from the government. Also, Clinton severely reduced the welfare system. Most importantly, he fundamentally understood that some economic equity was necessary to preserve democracy.

Obama inherited two wars and the scariest financial crisis since the great depression. Though he initially deviated from Clinton's policies "to avert the end of the world", his long term plans are remarkably similar. Let him keep working. Note: Obama did not nationalize the banks. He "capitalized them" and is now pulling the money out.

The party of just say "No", just can't wait to get in power again so it's members can just get their hands in the cookie jar again, all the while cutting taxes, responsibilities and obligations for their wealthy constituents. Again, the record, Palin, the Caribou Barbie was quite effective at bringing federal dollars to her home state. Alaska ranked third among all states and received an almost 2:1 return on federal taxes paid. Pork Barbie?

To paraphrase Warren Buffet, for our democracy to survive, it requires responsibility and obligation. The reactionary conservatives denounce big government but they fight so hard to get control of it. A return to their policies will kill the economy, hope, and the Spirit of America.

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