Tuesday, April 13, 2010

People Are What They Do! Not What They Say They Are.

The reactionary conservative movement in America is taking on a persona that reminds one of a bad science fiction movie. Their claims and analyses are rooted in convoluted logic, manipulated data, dishonesty and outright lies. During the tail end of the Bush years, our economy was in free fall. The stimulus mediated the fall and the markets have rebounded nicely. Recently there was an uptick in the unemployment figures and, unlike during the great depression, we didn't get to a 35% unemployment rate. That is a success. Let's hope the rebound helps more American citizens soon.

The Health Care Bill, over time, will reduce the cost of care by requiring insurance companies to provide preventive care and increasing the size of insurance pools. With preventative care over a lifetime it is not inconceivable that future retirees will be healthier and require less from Medicare and Medicaid. And, at least at the present time, the market dictates that the the greater the size of the pool, the less the cost to each individual in the pool. Most importantly, the bill will lead to a healthier, more productive workforce and a stronger America. But then these objectives are not a part of the conservative agenda.

The reactionary conservatives religiously practice behaviors that they profess to be against. They are like wolves in the clothing of sheep. The reactionaries cry for their "pound of flesh" for every transgression of anyone that opposes their regime yet they absolve themselves from the same moral/legal laws. One can only wonder what Barry Goldwater (a person that many of them may be unfamiliar with) would say? Remember that Gingrich was having an affair when he lead the Clinton impeachment hearings and his K Street Gang took pillaging to a new level. And Bush "went to town" procuring Clinton's surplus. The rules of the game are not for them.

What is truly beyond my comprehension, is that their spokespersons and the media that support the movement express that none of this matters. What they do and say doesn't matter because it's only entertainment. Though it probably won't happen in my lifetime, if the reactionary conservatives gain power, Americans better get ready for Mad Max in the Slums of Calcutta. Now, how's that  for entertainment?

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