Saturday, May 19, 2012


As I have been saying since I started this blog 2 years ago, which coincided with the disasters created by the Bush/ Cheney regime, job creation, with reasonable wages and working conditions, represents the single greatest issue facing Americans.

If you want to solve a problem, you must be aware of the causes of the problem. You must isolate and identify the causes of the problem. The shrinking middle class, coupled with the increased rate of poverty  in America, is the cause of the stagnation of job growth. Tax breaks for the wealthy and the further concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer super rich individuals, never has and never will, create jobs. The Republican solution to stimulate job growth is essentially the cause of the problem.

Consumers create jobs. The rich do not create jobs. It is a lie to say that they do. Nobody, from large corporations to small businesses, wants to add employees. They will do so only if there is a profound increased demand for their goods and/or services. And they will avoid doing so in America, if they can help it. It will only happen with a prosperous middle class.

Ergo, to solve the jobs problem, if that indeed is what the Republican party truly wants to do, public policy must be designed to strengthen and protect the middle class. Progressive taxation in line with the rates enacted by Republican President Eisenhower should be revived. Corporate regulation, in keeping with the vision of Republican President Teddy Roosevelt, should also be dusted off and enacted.

Over a year ago I stated that the Republicans, from Rick Perry to Michele Bachmann, and especially Mitt Romney, view American through the eyes of a corporate raider, a "New Derivative Thinker", and a Private Sector Vampire (a term I coined). The targeted "corporation" is democracy and the American people. I  also used the business analogy of golden parachutes. Bachmann, that great accumulator of tax payer monies, has recently acquired Swiss citizenship. And Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, despite the fact that his success could not have been achieved in any other country, has "parachuted" to avoid taxes.

Finally, I would like to thank MSNBC. Though it has taken some time, they are beginning to articulate the truths that are contained in the posts in this blog.

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