Sunday, May 27, 2012

An American Girl, Facebook & The Ryan Plan

I know a sweet girl. She is 29 years old and lives with her mother and father. Her father's construction business went under over 2 years ago and they have not paid the mortgage on their home for almost 2 years. This girl often carries a genuine Gucci bag. I guess it makes her feel like Mrs. Romney for a few fleeting moments. Like many, she copes with the realities of her life in the same way Rush Limbaugh eases his conscience. And she loves Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking service and website. Essentially, it is an internet forum. It epitomizes the notion expressed by Andy Warhol during the decadent 70's. Warhol said,

 "In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 Minutes."

There is nothing inherently evil about Facebook. But we must hope that it does not become a substitute for living and life's activities; and hope that few use it as a form of avoidance and escapism.

Facebook makes money through advertising. Unlike the American automobile industry, Facebook creates nothing, it's merely a forum with content created by uncompensated participants. Facebook employs only about 2,000 people. Since consumers create jobs, one can only speculate as to the sustainability of Facebook's advertising revenues.

The Ryan plan calls for no new revenues to address the budget deficit. It does "disguise" government spending by maintaining credits, subsidies, and loopholes for the super rich and global corporations. The core of the Ryan plan is to cut benefits, subsidies, and loopholes for the middle class and poor. If consumers create jobs, this action will send America- and the world- into a depression so severe that the 1930's will pale in comparison. Per chance Romney and Wall Street are able to buy the Presidency, I seriously doubt they would implement a plan so draconian.

Finally, God Bless the United States Armed Forces. On this day that we fortunate ones give them the recognition that they deserve, may we pray that they are sent into battle by our elected officials to preserve democracy and the common good, and not as pawns of the super rich and global corporations.

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