Wednesday, July 18, 2012

American Pain, Republican Gain

In Congress, Republicans recently blocked the Small Business Jobs and Tax Relief Act that would have created tax incentives for small businesses to hire additional workers and expand their payrolls. Jobs give families spiritual, mental and physical strength. And Republicans don't want that. The Republican "Final Solution" is aimed at destroying the middle class. When this mission is accomplished through the financial and ultimately the psychological destruction of most Americans, they will be able to formally establish their fiefdoms.

The Republican lie that they are for regionalism and state sovereignty has never been more fully exposed than by their filibuster of the Disclose Act that would require transparency and require identification of donors giving over $10,000 to candidates. Even some old school Conservatives are becoming worried about the fact that huge piles of cash can come into small regional elections, from anywhere, including foreign countries, and buy the elections. I'm shocked that the the Tea Party is not "up in arms" about this. However, for the chosen few that have followed this blog, you  know that the Tea Party was a red herring funded by the masters of the universe.

Romney recently called President Obama a socialist and stated that "we're only inches away from no longer being a free economy." In an ironic way, Romney's statement has great merit but not in the way he intended. The wealthy have done extremely well under Obama. The financial markets have rebounded nicely. Sands executive and Super PAC Superstar, Sheldon Adelson's net worth went up 3000% with Comrade Obama at the helm.

At the same time of all this prosperity at the top, the rest of us are finding it harder and harder and our quality of life is going down. Jobs are going overseas or being wiped out entirely by corporate raiders as in the case of GST Steel. And the obscene profits are paid for by our taxes. It is getting harder and more expensive to vote.Too Big To Fail Banks are accused of fixing interest rates. Fees and charges are arbitrary. Banks are playing with derivatives again, we pay for it, and "free" markets are manipulated and often rigged. Prices are set, not according to supply and demand, but adjusted according to what the market will bear. If anyone has any illusion about any of this just know that last year Exxon pocketed nearly 4.7 million dollars per hour. Remember this fact when the hustlers on Fox News tell you Obama is to blame for the high price of gasoline

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