Sunday, November 13, 2011

Q&A with the Latest Republican Presidential Nominee: Barney the Dog

Poor Will: Most thinking people believe that the American economy and job creation represent the most important issues that face our country. Taking into consideration global competition and the impact of technology, can you briefly outline your jobs proposal and tell us what measures you would implement to bring down the unemployment rate in this country?
Barney the Dog: Ruff Ruff
Poor Will: Barney, you have expressed that you support further tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that are systematically exporting jobs, the expansion of undefined investment credits and loopholes, and also the complete closure of most government regulatory agencies.
Barney the Dog: Ruff Ruff
Poor Will: Barney, you especially don't like the Departments of Commerce, Energy and Education, but you also expressed some misgivings about the Consumer Protection Agency and the FDIC insurance.  
Barney the Dog: Grrrrr
Poor Will: OK, we can discuss vouchers and Social Security at another time.
Poor Will: Barney, what are you doing? Good Lord, I almost stepped in it!

I believe that it is painfully clear, at this point, what is behind the Republican agenda. It has been awhile since America has employed the "trickle-up" theory of economics, though it was suggested by Ben Stein back in 2008, after the crash. Maybe, just maybe, this approach might work.

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