Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Vision for You

The two greatest resources of America are its people and its natural resources. Both have come under attack from conservatives whose only motivation appears to be the accumulation of wealth and the creation of their personal fiefdoms. Education must be a priority and natural resources must be managed and preserved. The gonads-to-the-wall approach must be regulated. Extrapolation of raw materials must be regulated and education must be subsidized. The quick-buck tenor ultimately only benefits the super rich and hurts the future. Isn't it ironic that Bush is out of office but his final actions as president (ending environmental and oil drilling regulations), gravely are impacting the country today.

The conservatives who complain about taxation and the fact that 45% of Americans pay no federal tax perhaps should lobby for unions and increases in minimum wage and labor laws. Then more will share, on paper,  in the cost of our democracy.

With moderate growth, a rethinking of our value system , increased regulation of the harvesting of raw materials,  greater subsidies to education on all levels including  craftsmanship and life skills, and the institution of  law designed to protect average John and Jane, not solely the wealthy, America can persevere. Truth, justice and the American Way will continue. But always remember when you hear the reactionaries rant: "The greatest trick the devil every played was making you think he didn't exist!"

When voting in future elections, we must not forgive and never forget. A simple litmus test is to ask your local, state, or federal representative if he or she supported the Bush Cheney ticket. If they reply: "Well kind of", or, "On some issues", or "Yes but I was wrong", tell them THEY ARE FIRED! The future of America depends on this.

Finally, Will, poor and lame, says, next time you go to your doctor, take a live chicken if you have access to one.

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